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OMNI 360 provides complete Virtual Reality Imagine solutions and Digital Marketing Services.

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Facebook Marketing

Improve your Facebook ads and content management skills through our workshops and services available.

Facebook Ads Workshop

Enhance your business by targeting the right audiences. This workshop will help advertisers effectively plan and manage their Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Management

Monitor and manage your Facebook Advertising campaigns

Facebook Content Management

Deliver messages effectively to your audience with creative wordings, videos, and graphics altogether.

Shopify Facebook Store

Custom Theme Design, Store Setups and Product Migration.

Our Services

Social Media Virtual Reality Solutions

With our specialized equipment and technology expertise we create highly engaging and interactive VR experience bringing 360 degree imagine, Live 360 broadcast into your business.

Google Street View

Provides panoramic views from positions along streets that are near your business location.

Premium Virtual Tour

An interactive visual environment that gives a whole view of your business location.

Facebook 360

Connect your fans with immersive ways of telling stories, places and experiences

Facebook 360 Live

Provide a unique 360 degree broadcast of your live event to the world.

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Virtual Tour

Our Services

Facebook Messenger Bot

Keep you connected to over 1.2 billion people every month, at all time and all places.

2 Billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses each month, including both automated and people-initiated messages.

53% people are more likely to engage with a business that provides online messaging

100,000 (and counting) monthly active bots on the Messenger platform

What you can do with Messenger Bot?
  • First line customer support - a smart chatbot installed in your Facebook Messenger to help you answer FAQs and engage with customers.
  • Basic - Attendance, Customer service / first line support template
  • Customize Plan - Reservations
  • Facebook Discover tab
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Our Services

Social Media Video Marketing

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We combine customized content and social media marketing expertise to engage with your audience.


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